Olamendi’s Mexican Restaurant

34660 Pacific Coast Hwy, Dana Point, CA 92624, USA

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    Michael Nicolai
    November 24, 2023

    They've been rocking Mexican food my whole life! They've got great vegan options which allows carnivorous and vegan folk to put down their differences and have a tasty meal together! WOO the heck HOO! BTW, the vegan chips are way better than their regular chips IMO! They toast the cheese on top of their burritos and enchiladas that look so dang good. Views and sunsets are awesome and if you need something to do, look up and around.... there is a colorful collection of decorations and pics on the walls and ceiling that should be in the magazine "how to decorate for the busy mind" . Love you Olamendi's!

    Candace Brown
    November 28, 2023

    This restaurant is perfectly located across from the beach and walking distance from the hotels. The staff were kind, knowledgeable, welcoming, and attentive, taking care of all of my needs quickly and efficiently. Giving me the space to eat yet close enough to be available for any needs. The decor was culturally captivating, and the tables were well spaced,clean, and stocked. Now I will say everything is grossly overpriced! The Jamaica Margarita was $18 but lacked the flavor of Hibiscus, very disappointing. I ordered the Carnitas plate, which was $30! For just a serving spoon size of rice, which had ABSOLUTELY no flavor! Completely seasonless it was so light it looked like just white rice. The same spoon size amount of beans that also lacked authentic Mexican flavor. The hand size portion of Carnitas was NOT fried or slow cooked as it should be. It was dry like shredded wheat and had NO seasoning at all! The few pieces that were not dry just tasted like boiled pork. The plate came with your choice of corn or flour tortillas I chose flour and got 3 small hand size tortillas. Also had a choice of soup or salad, I chose the soup of Albondigas (which is my favorite Mexican soup) Unfortunately this is the worst bowl that I've ever had! Like the rest of the food, it lacked Any seasoning I made it edible by adding a bit of salt,pepper, and lime. The food not at all worth the price if you're looking for authentic Mexican flavors, this is NOT the place to get it. But the Ombiance and location is worth visiting.

    Timi Gleason
    December 07, 2023

    Going here is an experience. There is so much to see and great food to enjoy from inside the restaurant. I especially love the salute to Dia de Los Muertos. Outside, there is an occasional train, a walking bridge to get over the train tracks, and the beach and wonderful paths to walk. It's for kids and adults.

    Irina Busurina
    January 15, 2024

    Amazing place to see as an art & culture experience. Many options for VEGAN Food! Though quinoa was undercooked but rice & beans (vegan) been really yummy.

    Dennis Martel
    August 30, 2023

    They never miss here. We stop here every time we come to our time share. Indoor and out door seating. Service is always good. The food is always good. Still family owned after all these years. The Restaurant has authentic decorations. Drinks are good, prices are still reasonable. Parking can be tough depending on the time of day. It's a great experience thank you so much.

    Olamendi’s Mexican Restaurant

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    34660 Pacific Coast Hwy, Dana Point, CA 92624, USA

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