What is Thrive Local OC?

One website in a network of community centric directory websites that supports small businesses in Orange County.

Thrive Local Orange County is consumer driven, community  focused social website focused on locally owned businesses.

Thrive Local OC is passionate about supporting locally owned and operated businesses in Orange County.

If you’re yet to discover the impact of shopping small and embracing the “THINK LOCAL FIRST” mindset, let us illuminate the multitude of benefits that come with supporting independently owned businesses in your city and across Orange County. When you choose to shop locally, you’re not just making a purchase; you’re participating in a cycle of growth and sustainability that enriches your community in profound ways. Consider this: 68% of every dollar spent at local businesses is reinvested right back into the community, fostering economic resilience, job creation, and local prosperity. These businesses, from the cozy boutique shops to the vibrant local markets that define the character of Orange County, are owned and operated by your neighbors — individuals who are deeply invested in the community’s welfare and future. By supporting small businesses through Thrive Local OC, you’re ensuring that your money not only goes towards obtaining quality goods and services but also plays a crucial role in building a thriving, interconnected community where businesses genuinely care about their customers’ satisfaction and the collective well-being of all residents.

Embrace the power of community and the spirit of “THINK LOCAL FIRST” by choosing to support small, independently owned businesses within Orange County. Thrive Local OC champions this ethos, highlighting how shopping locally isn’t just a transaction, but a contribution to the community’s vitality and resilience. Remarkably, 68% of every dollar spent at local businesses is reinvested into the community, fueling local employment, contributing to municipal taxes, and fostering a cycle of reinvestment that propels the entire community forward. Our directory is a curated collection of locally owned or locally operated franchises, ensuring that when you shop through Thrive Local OC, you’re engaging in community-focused shopping that makes a difference. By choosing Orange County’s local market guide for your shopping needs, you’re not just discovering Orange County’s small businesses and boutique shopping gems; you’re also investing in your neighbors and the future success of your community, benefiting from unparalleled customer service that’s deeply rooted in a shared commitment to Orange County’s prosperity.

Thrive Local OC, a comprehensive business directory that connects residents with the vibrant local businesses in our communities. With targeted online visibility and tailored marketing strategies, ‘Thrive Local OC’ empowers these businesses to thrive and succeed in the digital landscape, while also fostering a strong sense of community and supporting the local economy.

Together, let’s bring the spotlight to our incredible local businesses and help them reach new heights of success!”

We bring out the best in your OC City for you!

Thrive Local OC is a local search tool that lists important information about local Orange County business, such as addresses, photos, video, contact details, and Google reviews. Allowing people to find the goods and services they need in their city.

Each business listing has easy to locate reviews streaming from Google to allow customers to find the best local places in a variety of categories such as beauty salons, shops, professional services, restaurants, entertainment, retail, fitness, automotive services, repair services, building and construction, B2B companies, and more.


Thrive Local OC was created specifically to support locally owned independent businesses owners and encourage local buying that strengthens our thriving community by raising awareness about the economic, environmental and community benefits of shopping, dinning and buying from local small business owners!


Think Local First!

When you shop at a local independently owned business:

68% of every dollar gets reinvested in the community.

Locally owned franchises, 43% reinvested.



Thrive Local OC

Beyond their size, small businesses are defined by their spirit. And at the helm are their intrepid founders—scrappy, ambitious, and resilient. They invent and build things despite uncertainty, because it’s what drives them. Their risks lead to innovation that moves the world forward. And we need them.